I'm Avery Roth and I'm the founder of The Startup Consulting Group. My passion is to help bring your entrepreneurial dreams to life.

Since you're here, you're presumably a startup founder or you work at an early stage startup. You might also be working in a corporate role and you're contemplating the possibility of starting your own business. Whatever your story and however you're feeling, you are warmly welcomed into my proverbial office.

I'm a native New Yorker with an extensive background in finance, both as an investor and advisor. So, I am structured, focused, driven, and diligent. But, I'm also a creative spirit with a long history of living abroad, speaking foreign languages, writing creatively, and photographing. As my client, you can expect me to probe deeply, asking you powerful questions, deftly guiding us toward surprising insights, and then producing analytically rigorous, watertight recommendations. For challenges where specialist expertise is required, I call on my deep bench of subject matter experts. These professionals are brilliant and kind in equal measure, and they bring their invaluable perspective to your service. 

My bio is below, so you can check out my credentials. And, I think our clients put it best, so you can check out some of their testimonials across the site. I invite you to reach out to me if you'd like to explore working together! 

Avery Roth is a thought leader and strategist in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation. Ms. Roth has a professional background in finance. She began her career in the hedge fund industry in 1999 and has served as an investor and advisor at firms such as Lehman Brothers, UBS, and Deutsche Bank in Europe, South America, and the US. Ms. Roth began growth consulting for new ventures in 2012 and formally launched The Startup Consulting Group in 2015 as a high quality provider of strategic advisory to tech and non-tech startups and the individuals managing them. Ms. Roth is a celebrated speaker and writes for a number of publications, including Fortune Magazine, on topics relating to entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation. She serves as board advisor to several startups, and works as a mentor for NY-based accelerators SBC, Almaworks, and Nex.tt.