Are you a first time founder looking for professional guidance? Or, an experienced founder looking to offload some of the heavy lifting so you can focus on revenue generation? Either way, you're in good company. We work with early-stage startups, most of which are pre-funding or have raised an angel, seed, or Series-A financing round. We are often retained by tech startups (marketplaces, apps, SaaS). But we have a generalist toolkit and have also worked with companies ranging from professional services businesses to personal brands. The one thing our clients have in common is a bright future.




We are brought on by founders who need someone to quickly size up their situation, scope a plan of attack, resource the project effectively, and execute with precision so they can enjoy peace of mind. Whether you're considering a new market opportunity, have an inkling that your business needs a change, or are actively working to push through a pivot, we are your trusted partners for:

  • Landscape analysis, including primary and secondary research, analysis, and recommendations
  • Business model assessment, testing, and validation
  • Corporate positioning
  • Marketing and brand strategy
  • Trouble shooting around lackluster growth
  • Pivot strategy


Your strategic, big picture vision, combined with your sharp eye for detail and strong analytical sense, have made you an immensely important partner for our business.
— Chedva Kleinhandler, Founder, Lean On
You gave me the fuel I needed to change direction. You are an entrepreneur at heart and that comes through in your candid and transparent evaluation and feedback - exactly what a startup needs.
— Lindsay Slutsky, CMO, Jiobit (Techstars, 2016)
You are able to distill massive amounts of research, both primary and secondary, down into what matters. Your final deliverables are simple and easy to digest. Yet your insights are crisp and clear on the few things that really matter. There’s more to this in that I find you to be highly ethical and authentic, and my team enjoys interacting with you.
— Christy Johnson, Founder, Artemis Connection
You are amazing! We love your team’s expertise- the work you did for us was very well executed and we are excited to put it into action!”
— Melissa Halfon, Co-founder, Vidcode (Y-Combinator, 2016)